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Diagnosis link on the RT


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I'm too curious to check what are the information or settings i can have through the diagnosis line. tongue.gif

Is anybody knows what is the pining of the diagnosis plug below the front seat?

BTW, where i can find the right plug (it is not an obd2 model)?


Is there any recommendation for the software (OBD-2) ? It seems that standard software (carsoft or others) doesn't support the BMW K-EMS ECU.



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The diag. connector adds a module to the CAN-BUS when connected to the proprietary BMW diag tool. It is definitely not ODB-2. BMW has never (unfortunately) used ODB or ODB-2. Don't we wish that it was that easy.

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BMW has never (unfortunately) used ODB or ODB-2.



I recently read a post on the F650 board in regards to OBD-2.the author claimed the latest f650s were OBD-2 compliant,and gave the location of the connector.I have not checked mine yet,but will when I get time.

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the author claimed the latest f650s were OBD-2
OK, I forgot about the F650. If so, I'll give you that one. The R and K series are definitely not.
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The latest hexhead ECU is based on the latest F650 design, or so was my understanding.


I forget if OBDII supports CAN.


None the less, the diag tool is rumored not to connect to the CAN directly, but talks to the ECU, probably via K-line, then the ECU talks on the CAN bus for the tool.

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The 650 diag plug only has 3 pins. All of the searching I did when I had my CS didn't say anything about it using the OBD protocol either.

The most people were able to do was to unsolder the EEPROM from the ECU and dump in a modified version of code then resolder it back in.

Many of us were after some way to cycle the ABS pump so we could check off that last item on the service checklist. A way of doing this (either with a PC or some other stand alone device) through the diag port never surfaced to my knowledge.

I tried to source the PCMCIA card and cable the MoDiTec uses but never got anywhere.

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