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R12RT brake


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I've just have my new R12RT since last week. My previous bike was a 1500 goldwing.

On the goldwing, the footbrake is for rear and one front disc. the handbrake is for the second front disc.


It is quite amazing that using the handbrake on the RT, the three disc are used. Does it mean that the footbrake is not useful ? In case of emergency ? confused.gif


Anyway, i'm fully satisfied with this bike. thumbsup.gif



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Bonjour, Michel.


The BMW brakes are partially linked, meaning the front lever actuates all calipers and the foot pedal actuates only the rear


The 1150 ABS system was fully integrated meaning the front lever and rear pedal were essentially redundant


The 1200RT system is, IMHO, a wonderful improvement.

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