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Those Nice Yellow Headers


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After 1200 miles, my stainless headers had turned that nice, sludgy yellowish-brown that we all love. I just spent about an hour (surprised it did not take longer) polishing them back to original, down as far as the cat converter, using Blue Magic and a ton of elbow grease. Now, I am going to see just how long it takes for them to turn color again. If it's right away, then this will probably be the last time I polish them. If they stay bright for awhile, then future efforts might be worth it.

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I ran into a guy who claimed to be a "Harley guy" (whatever that means, as he told me he also had a GL-1800 Goldwing) and he told me I could get the blue/yellow stuff off of my pipes. My response was that the view from the motorcycle was simply more important. I hope the effort yields the desired results. I too like a clean and shiny bike, I just try not to lose any sleep over the little things.

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