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Finding gloves that fit..........


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Short fingers, wide at the palm, I wear size large but fingers don't reach the tips and it's an issue with close control of the front brake particularly with those little tips flopping around (at least for me)....Golf gloves come in various sizes, not just small, medium and large, and I wear a "medium cadet" glove when playing...It fits well...Anybody know of any manufacturers that might make a glove to fit my hands better?....I want to get riding gloves with more protection than just plain leather....Upgrading my ATGATT standards......

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Both BMW and Held make gloves in sizes rather than S, M, L, XL. I have the same problems in that my fingers are kinda stubby but my palms are really thick, not broad. In fact, that pretty well describes me.


I get a really nice fit out of the size 11, 11.5 BMW gloves, ditto the Helds in their Ceramic model. For a lighter weight glove that has become my standard touring glove for hot weather, the BMW GS model of their touring glove is outstanding. Made of a combination of materials including kangaroo, sheep and cowhide along with some form of hard plastic knuckle protection and nylon backs it might be the most comfortable glove I have ever worn. Durable too as mine have about 40K total miles on them now and still no problems.

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Since you live in Ca. but don't mention what part of Ca. you have several options since you're not an off the shelf fit.

"Z" custom leathers is located in Huntington Beach ( here ) and they can tailor make a glove for you.


Bates custom Leathers is in Long Beach ( here ) and they can do the same for you. Both make an excellent product that won't let you down.


We're having a somilar problem with boots for my wife.


good luck

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I have been shopping for good deerskin riding gloves. I have narrowed my search to three companies that handcraft deerskin gloves. They do custom work and allow you to trace your hands and also send the critical measurements around the palm and wrist. I have included their links below. Please note, I have not done business with them yet, so cannot vouch for products.







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Thurlow Leathers has been around since Methuselah was a freshman. Their deerskin gloves are prized by long distance riders everywhere. If you have never experienced the comfort, they are the absolute, stone, mortified, nuts. Pool players term for pretty darn good.


I don't know much about the other two but I do know that Thurlow still has my pattern around somewhere. Took me about 10 years to kill the last set.

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Thurlow took $100 from me in January for a pair of gloves and never delivered them. They have refused to answer letters, phone calls or a BBB complaint. I lived in San Diego when I bought the gloves and could not get any satisfaction before we moved out of CA in May. I've continued to stay in touch with the BBB and Thurlow simply ignored the complaint. Turns out that they have had other complaints through the BBB and also ignored them. If I had used my credit card, I could have gotten my money back but since I had done business with them for many years and was standing in the shop when I ordered the gloves, there was no reason to be wary.

They used to be a great company with a great product but NO MORE. I don't know what caused the change but all I can tell you is: Buyer Beware.

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