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After a sad experience and a torn rotorcuff, I am thinking of acquiring Velocity Gear Armor for the upper body. I have a pair of Bohn pants. Any one have experience with the Velocity gear <www.highvelocityrear.com>? How about the new venting mesh gear fron BMW? Recommendations for outerwear over the armor? South Florida is not a place one wants to layer up. cool.gif

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I've got the new Venting Machine mesh gear from BMW and love it, I don't think it gets much better than that! But it is pricey.

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I think you meant to post this link: http://www.highvelocitygear.com/armor.html


This looks like good stuff. And their prices look really good. I haven't tried their stuff and at first I thought that a long sleeved tee or motocross style shirt would be okay, then I realized that general abrasion is still a worry. I'd think that a decent thickness jacket would be the way to go with perforations for airflow.


I sent an email to Velocity asking them "how do you launder the armor?". It'd get pretty funky unless you wear an underlayer, but then you're talking about 3 layers...tee, armor, jacket.

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How about the new venting mesh gear fron BMW? Recommendations for outerwear over the armor?


I have the Venting Machine mesh gear from BMW, it's very comfortable and the armor is equal to anything else I've seen on a rack. The hip pads are extra - they do take away some of the sleek look but their design impressed me with BMW quality - each side has two peices and when the wearer sits in a riding position they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to cover the hip and upper thigh. Stand up and they are apart, allowing more flexibility. The dark color does catch more heat when stuck in a traffic jam, but on the road I've been very comfortable.

The velocity armor adds a chest plate and it looks like some pretty durable peices on the elbows, shoulders and back. You may be happy with the protection, but if you commute then how much time are you willing to spend strapping that on, then another layer for abrasion, plus boots and gloves? I thought about doing the same thing, but then decided I'd be more likely to use it if it went on quickly. I didn't do leather because of heat. The suit goes on quickly and is comfortable. The only change I'd make is my footwear. I bought the street sneakers, which are extremely comfortable, but spend time each day lacing in and out of them. Boots, particularly the Airflow, would be much faster.

Good luck on your choices - I'd just suggest to consider how much effort you're likely to spend layering up to ride. And compare the total cost of that with very good sets of jackets and pants.

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