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Mounting a Quest on 1150RT??


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get a RAM mount from cyclegadgets.com. It works great for me. Im using the fork mount which screws onto the handlebar mounts, with the standard length arm and it works great. I dont have a need for power because they battery lasts so long. Highly recommend going that route.

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Several different options:


1) As mentioned the RAM mounting system. If you don't want or need external power or the audio output of the Quest, the RAM cradle for the Quest is just fine.


2) If you do want/need external power the GARMIN motorcycle mount kit will mate up with the RAM ball system. See this thread for a recent discussion on that subject. It was relative to our R1200GS, but the principles are the same for an R1150RT, just the to-the-bike attachment would be different - Quest on a R1200GS Thread


3) The GARMIN motorcycle mount can be bolted to any of the various shelf systems there are out there for the RT.


4) The Tour-a-tech Quest cradle is out - Touratech Quest Mount It will bolt directly to the GadgetGuy bar system for the RT - GadgetGuy R1150RT Mount But you're going to pay almost as much for the mounting system as you did for the Quest itself with that solution! Still, it IS the cat's meow.

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Thank You all!!


I remembered an old post but 'search' didn't find it. I have the new Quest 2 coming in on Friday . . . will let the board know how it works.

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I made my own. Cost me less than $20 total. Here's a thread on the topic and the final mount:




PM me if you have any questions. You'll like the Quest (I don't have any feedback on the Quest2 as it is brand new).




Mike O

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