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Intercom Comparison


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FYI. Motorcycle Escape magazine - summer 2005 edition - has a compariosn of 6 different intercom systems. Those tested were the Autocom Active 7, Baehr Verso XL, Chatterbox FRS, Collett Platinum 900, J&P Cycles IC993 and Motorola Bluetooth HS830.


I've no affiliation with the magazine, etc.

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I picked it up over the weekend at Barnes & Noble. I thought it was a good article. Worth a look see even if you don't buy the magazine. It also had an article comparing a handful of different flip helmets.

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The author - whom I don't know - wrote a short write up on each, then did a "pros and cons" for each unit. IMO the article was not written in a fashion to suggest which one is best, and I will not make that leap.

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