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Re-installing the R12GS seat: Is it me, or...


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...am I just an idiot (don't answer that eek.gif)?


For whatever reason, whenever I remove my GS seat, it is nothing short of a real bastiage to get back on.


I take my time, and I've even used a flashlight to be sure that the front rods/posts on the seat are lining up with the inserts on the bike, but it doesn't seem to drop into place very often.


Is there a trick that I'm unaware of? dopeslap.gif

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I have a little trouble, too. Here's what makes it easier, though not foolproof:


1) Keep rear higher than front.


2) Drop front all the way down before moving it forward.


3) Move it forward, still tilted.


4) Drop the rear down.

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Paul Mihalka

I have to change the seats often back and forth in the showroom. When I install the seat, I look under the front of the seat to make shure the mounting catch that is on the bike is lined up with the slot on the seat. A little left or right off center won't go.

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Another thing that I discovered, it is possible for the seat to be too far forward. Once I have the front rod in its retaining grooves/post, if I move the back edge rearward a tinny bit as I push it down it latches better.

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