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First ride behind the new R1200GS aeroflow screen

H C Edwards

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H C Edwards

I received my half fairing from Aeroflow for my 1200GS on Thursday, and installed it last night. Took it for about a 250 mile test ride today. In a word: fantastic.


If this windshield hadn't done what I wanted, I was going to go back to an RT, despite how well I liked the bike otherwise. I've been riding behind a +6 Cee Bailey with Tobinators. The Tobes helped a lot with the turbulence hitting my head behind the Bailey, but it still wasn't good enough. I wanted the protection I gave up on the RT. For that matter, the protection my airhead has given me for 25 years when I put on the Luftmeister fairing with extra tall windshield.


Installation of the Aeroflow went very smoothly. I work slow, so it took maybe 3 hours. That includes running to the hardware store because the kit was short some stainless washers. If you've got one of these coming, you'll find in steps 1 and 3 they do not supply the number of washers called for in the instructions, or shown in the diagrams. A small error on their part. You could easily do the installation in much less time if you hurried.


I have never seen better instructions to assemble something. Very clear, just enough detail, clear procession from steps 1 through 6, and excellent drawings. All instructions should be that good.


I bought the extra tall model. I'm 6'2", probably a little more torso than leg. I'm looking just over the top of the screen, with the stock seat on "low" in the rear and "high" in the front. You can find the dimensions for each height on the aeroflow web site, so I won't recite them here.


The 250 mile test was nearly all highway, most interstate. I averaged around 75 mph, with a high of 105 mph. At all speeds, the screen was stable. No flex in it at all, unlike the Bailey, due to the support brackets. The air behind the screen is so quiet I was listening to tires and engine the whole ride. The only time I would encounter any turbulence was coming up behind a semi truck, when I rode through the disturbed air. At one point, I thought my exhaust was starting to make a funny noise, until I figured out it was the Harley I had been gaining on. I was clearly hearing his exhaust from over 200 yards back, at 80 mph. I was able to leave the shield up on my C2, something I couldn't do before, since it was 90 degrees today. In fact, I had it up the whole time. Earplugs won't be necessary. The half fairing protects your entire torso. I could feel the airflow on my arms, and hitting my legs below the knees, but that's it. It was as smooth and quiet at 105 as it was at 70.


If I still had the RT, it would be interesting to ride them back to back to compare airflow. With this half fairing on the GS, it seems at least as good as the RT was with the Cee Bailey.


So it appears I got want I wanted...RT protection with the light weight and super handling of the GS. I'll have to live with it a while to be sure, especially since today was dead calm wind wise.


I attached a photo. I took several, to show it from the drivers seat and side as well, but my jpeg comression software is on the PC at work, and the limit is 75K. Some will be turned off by the size and looks. I wish it were smaller, also, but my wife thinks it looks great. It could be 10 times uglier and I'd still take it in a heartbeat, after having it for only one day.


Disclaimer: I have no connection with Aeroflow. This is my first purchase from them.


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H C Edwards

$458, including shipping. The price for an extra tall is $479 plus shipping. Their ad in the latest BMWMOA News said they're offering $50 off all screens during July, in lieu of going to the national rally. So it was $429 plus $19 shipping. Not cheap, but worth every penny.



I've attached another photo, as seen from the rider's seat.


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Gadget Magnet

I find my $140 Givi screen with 2 vertical support arms does a remarkable job. Like you, I sit in a quiet zone, where i can hear the motor and the exhaust without any wind noise or buffeting.. If I hadn't been totally satisfied with the Givi solution, I might have ended up at Aeroflow's doorsteps.

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H C Edwards

Glad the Givi worked for you guys. A $140 solution is better than a $458 solution anyday. It's shorter than the extra tall Aeroflow, according to the Givi info, so it probably wouldn't have worked for me. But those support arms would sure be nice on the Cee Bailey to stop all the flexing around. Windscreens are funny. What works for one doesn't for somebody else. Lucky we have all these choices.

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