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Adjusting Gearshift Lever


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I got halfway down the block this morning and discovered that I could not shift gears. Unlike my old boots, the toe-section on my new Oxtars won't fit under the rubber bumper on the shift lever, so I will have to change the position of the lever on its spline by about a quarter of an inch. To do that, am I correct in assuming that I have to take off the long skinny bracket to which the foot peg is attached, and is it just those three or four star fasteners that hold it on? Any trick in getting the lever off the spline? Will it just wiggle off?


This seems like a simple job, but having never put a wrench on this bike I would rather seek advice than screw something up.

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Hi Jon

The shift lever is not on a spline ... there is an adjustable linkage that extends up and into the gearbox. There is a Clip lock device that locks the nut on the linkage (threaded rod) just undo this and shorten or lengthen the linkage (rod)and that will move the shift level up or down accordingly ... I moved mine up a little for the same reason as you describe

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... there is an adjustable linkage that extends up and into the gearbox.


Thanks! That's very helpful and saves me some wasted labor. I'll take another look.

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Problem solved, but just for what it's worth, I had to use up all of the adjustment in the little turnbuckle before I could get the toe of the OXTAR Matrix boot into position to shift gears. Lucky I don't have bigger feet!

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