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Bar Backs the answer?


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I recently purchased a custom seat that makes my rear end happy on long trips. However, another problem has cropped up that I had not noticed earlier.


Due to the seat riding higher, I think I am putting more weight on my hands/grips when coming to a stop. The difference is pretty noticeable. Is it the opinion of the group that Bar Backs may help in this instance? confused.gif

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Hey Bob,


I am the one that went round and round with the barbacks. I ended up making my own "GrizBacks" that are one Moto-Tecnhiques BB bolted onto a SECOND set of MT BB's. I ordered the second set directly from MT and asked that they NOT be drilled for the handlbars. I customized my own comfortable "angle" of the bars and then drilled and tapped my own handlebar attachment holes. A wider grip that is higher and in my opinion MUCH more comfortable, especially when using the Reg Pridmore method of covering the front brake lever with index and middle finger while riding around town.


You are welcome to take my bike for a spin either here at the house or at RidingSmart next week. YEAH!! RidingSmart!!!


All the best,

Robert B

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Hey, Robbie the B,


Just might have to take you up on the offer at RideSmart. Will be heading up to Seattle next month & would like to get this minor point taken care of. It's nothing that keeps me from riding, just that I must tinker, tinker, tinker...



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I installed two sets of barbacks and it helped me a lot..You will need to replace the brake line if you do that..I used a Montauk brake line and be prepared to bleed the brakes..It turned into a real fiasco before I finished but only because I didn't know how to bleed the brakes..

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Hi Bob B,


New as of last Sept on my RT and enjoying every mile this bike has to offer. Would you happen to have a pic of these infamous GrizzBacks?


Thanks, Joe

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I'm looking for an answer to my the tingling and numbness in my hands after 30 minutes on my RT1100. I think barbacks might be the solution - I see they are a hot topic. Anyone know where I can actually see a pic of them and/or where to buy them?



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After further review (ie. RidingSmart class this weekend) I've determined the major cause of the pain in the middle of my shoulders is...me! Or, more correctly, my incorrect riding position.


The RidingSmart class (and Master Yoda riding position)advocates a 'bend at the hips' mantra. It's not something that I have done intuitively in the past, but I do notice the decrease in tension of my shoulder blades, as well as lessened pressure on the handlebars. My fingers still feel tingly when on extended downhill twisties, but for longer/flatter rides the problem goes away.


Last night I did a 150 mile trip, constantly reminding myself of the riding position, and at the end of the trip, no shoulder pain.


Guess my verdict is to not go the barback route, and continue to correct my posture while riding. smile.gif

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