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Bob "Chaplain" John

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Les is more

From a post by Bob's son Kevin--



Hello everyone, my name is Kevin John, and my dad is Bob "Chaplain" John; known lovingly as plain old "Bob" here on the forums. For those of you who know my dad well, you probably also know that he was battling pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed with on March 21st of last year. At that time, he was given 3 weeks to live, but I am here to report that my dad held on until January 7th of this year, before he took off on the long distance ride back to our loving God up above. He worked diligently for the last 10 months of his life to make sure that his family was prepared physically, spiritually, and emotionally for his passing--such dedication and love for his family was the pattern in my dad's life, up until his final breath in my mother's arms earlier this year.



I just want to relay my thanks to all of you here on the forums, for sharing with my dad in his one true outlet. My dad's life was always about others: family, friends, those in need, so my mom was inspired to purchase his first BMW bike (an R1100RT), to help him enjoy life outside of his daily responsibilities. Through his bike, he met you wonderful people, and many others who helped to enrich his life, and who grew to know my dad as I do. Thank you for your role in his life.


I love him very much, and we all miss him. I just look forward to the day when I can see him again--perhaps astride a glorified, "celestial" F650 \:\) .

















Long-Distance Rider




Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust,


But oh there is so much more,


For the one who is willing to stay the course;


The one who learns to endure.




See, the Lord needs those who are willing to ride,


And who know how to follow His map,


For the road through this life is an arduous one,


(and is anything but flat).




My father is one, like the Savior Himself,


Who has travelled this road before;


Who can look down now, upon those he loves,


Through the crack of an open door.




And those whom he loves need not fear nor mourn,


As his Earthly ride is complete.


He crawled and endured, through the depths of Hell,


And fell at his Savior's feet.




Thus he's gained the very best Friend of all,


For he no longer rides alone.


His chariot is white, (his hair might be too),


And he's clothed in a powerful robe.




He waits that he might pick us up some day,


When our trials down here are complete,


For it helps to have a ride when our time is cut short,


Back to our Savior's feet.



With our eyes facing upward, and our hearts filled with joy,


We'll return to our Father's knee,


And gain our own chariot and powerful robe,


Enduring triumphantly.




So ride on my father, my husband, my friend,


And everything you worked to be.


Press on, on that road you have finally found,


Which dances through eternity.




- Kevin K. John


For my dad.





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