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Silicon on valve cover gasket on 12GS?

Ken H.

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As part of repairing my 'oops', today I replaced the damaged valve cover. Much to my surprise the center spark plug hole gasket that came out definitely had dried silicon sealer on it that I had to clean off. On the R11xx this gasket was install dry. Is this a change with the hexheads? Those of you with a copy of the manual (mine is STILL on eternal backorder), what does it say about this gasket? Dry or with something applied?




Ken H.

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Gaskets must be free from oil and grease, replace if damaged.



Position gasket (3) on the cylinder-head cover.



Position gasket (4) on the cylinder-head cover.



Install the cylinder head cover, making sure that both gaskets are correctly seated.



Install and tighten the screws.




Tightening torques

Cylinder head cover to cylinder head, tighten in diagonally opposite sequence

10 Nm

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