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BMW Supplied Toolkit - What the hell is this?!


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For years I've heard about the mighty BMW toolkit that comes with their bikes. I'm fishing around in my stuff, getting ready for a trip. There's four tools in this thing. FOUR. I'm not going to count the wire to hang your helmet from a 'tool.' Looking through the manual, I see that I can buy a better one, but why would I want to buy some more overpriced stuff. I don't get it. How long has this been like this?


What about the TORX wrenches? What are folks up in here using to augment the supplied tools? Where are you getting them?

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I think this started with the R12GS. The new RT,ST,K and S, have virtully nothing in the way of tools. I suspect the rest of the bikes will follow suit. We have gotten in 4 or 5 new LT's with incomplete tool kits as well. Im sure its just a money saving move. Buy a Leatherman Wave tool and keep riding. You can add the torx and other fancy bits for just a few dollars direct from Leatherman.The factory tool kits are seldom needed anyway unless you ride with HD guys. The tire repair kit should be long gone as well. It was outdated anyway. The effort it took that little rasp to ream a whole in a modern tire was too much. The kit was designed for wimpy tires of the late 70's. If I stir up some stuff by telling you about the tire repair kit you didnt get either, oops.

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The BMW-supplied tool kit was not so great and you can recreate it with quality tools for not much money. And the BMW tire repair kit was more of a tire-damaging kit and there are several better aftermaket alternatives there as well.


Every new generation of BMW bikes seems to move further and further away from the idea of owner-servicing and elimination of the toolkit was probably inevitable.

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