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Lower Heated Front Seat


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My R1200RT came in today but my dealer forget the heated seats...He tells me that it can be installed. I seen in the manual that the front heated seat is on the handlebars and also shows up in the display on the on-board computer. I am worried that my dealer does not know for sure if the lower heated seat can be added. Does anyone know?? If it can't be added, I am giving the bike back to the dealer today (saturday). I insisted that heated seats were very important..Please let me know...





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Do they add the switch on the handlebars for the front seated seat? Will it display on the on-board computer?? I know the rear heated seat has the switch on the side of the seat. It is like my K1200LT.



'05 R1200RT Red

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John Bentall

That is the tricky bit of the whole operation. Hopefully the switch assembly can be replaced easily.

Once wired up, I would imagine that the on-board computer will recognise it and light up the display in the on-board computer.

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I have the low heated seat , fitted by the dealer when I purchased the bike .

The switch on the handlebars indicates which level [ off , one or two ] you have set , and the computer display show two little diamonds when you have both heated seats turned on , or one if you have onluy selected the front or pillion seat [ the pillion seat has its own two phase switch under the seat on the right hand side .

On the higher setting the heat will toast your backside !!



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