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Bar Vibes


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I'm used to the Kury Iso-Grips on my cruiser, so I didn't see this coming, but the vibes I'm catching through the grips is getting painful. I average 400-500 miles a week and this has gotten me bugged. Is there anyway to cancel this mess out (other than leaving the engine off)?

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I use to put foam grips on all my bikes(increase diamiter and reduce vibs) but, a few years back I found these grip covers: http://grip-tek.com/ListCatProds.asp?cat=68

Much easier to install, since you don't need to remove the stock grips. They remove nearly as much of the vib, and have a larger finished diameter than foam grips.


My ST had some vibs(though not too bad), most of which are gove after adding the covers. No apparent issues with the heated grips. It may take a tad longer to heat up.


Tip: I put them on using an air-gun on my compresser. Get the cover started, then blow it up with the air gun to stretch it over. After it's about half way on slip the gun under the other side, seal, blow, and push. That may have come out wrong ooo.gif

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A great deal of the vibration felt at the bars can be attributed to either tire condition or road surface. BMW suspensions in particular transmit a whole bunch of this straight up to the bars. Go away from your normal ride and try a different surface and see if it gets better. You may also wish to vary speed up or down a few mph and see if that makes a difference.

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I'm knocking on 1,500 miles in the last week over many different road surfaces. The vibes are directly caused by the rpms, but like I said, I really don't know BMWs.

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My 1200 GS shook moderatly untill I reached about 7000 Miles and then it started smoothing out. Now at 11,000 it is much better although not perfectly smooth it is much better. Ride the heck out of it for 10,000 miles and see thumbsup.gif

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