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2009 BMW MOA Rally site


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Just noticed this on the MOA board


The 37th BMW MOA International Rally

July 16 - 19, 2009

Johnson City, Tennessee


Planning on making this one. Anyone else?



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Thanks for posting this. I have a buddy who lives just 64 miles from J.C. in Asheville. It certainly would give me an opportunity to attend the rally and finally ride the BRP on 2 wheels which I have wanted to do for 20 years. Very ironic that I grew up 70 miles from the BRP but never ridden a motorcycle on it. Very cool. And as previously stated the riding in that area is just fantastic. Very cool. Thanks again.

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Hmm. Only 768 miles by freeway, not too far past Fayetteville, WV.


I bet I can double that mileage on the way there! Sounds like the trip would be well worth it, I've never been to the Volunteer State.



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Let's see....I live exactly 4.5 miles from the rally site, so I'll probably be there.


So.. how are the accommodations. Might be a few of us stopping

by to say hi. :grin:

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Sounds Do-able.

but only if I don't end up enchanted with the Top Of The Rockies ralley in Paonia,(it's my first time going this year).



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Do you think there could be trees there? I think the Gillette site I googled had a couple trees recently planted. Should be nice on a hot day.

Tenn. might be fun. Haven't done east side of the country sice Morganton. Thanks for the heads up on the location! :/

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That's our club destination next summer. Why not join us this time? We intend to spend a week in the area (but maybe just one day at the Rally.) wave.gif

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Hey BMW- ken,


how about giving us a heads up on good locations to stay that are in the area. I went searching for motels and really did not find much close to the fairgrounds... like to reserve early as now to beat the crowds but the national reservation sites don't even go that far yet!!!

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