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Alternator belt noise?


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I'm hearing an intermittent noise from the front of my R1100R that I think may be the alternator belt. I can't find a direct cause and effect between what I'm doing and when I hear the noise. I only hear it when the bike has been riden for a while to warm up. I've poked around the forum a bit and found some helpful info. I'm hoping to get some better advice on diagnosis and suggestions for replace and adjust procedures for the belt.



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The noise sounds like the ribbed belt (I assume that's what's in there) is loose, maybe the tension device isn't always working as it's supposed to. It's not the squeal you get with a loose belt when the alt needs to charge a battery that's been drained a fair bit after starting. It happens a bit above idle or when the engine is slowing down from being reved without load, ie downshifting when coming to a stop. It doesn't happen all the time. I'm guessing that the tensioner may be erratic as the noise sounds more like rubber than a mechanical noise. It might also be alt bearings that are taking on a rubber sound because the noise is amplified through the pulley mechanism, but that's just guessing.

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I'm guessing that the tensioner may be erratict


Sounds like it could be the belt. The belt tensioner is a Fixed arrangement IE not continuos/automatic like a car tongue.gif

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Mine usually makes a squeaking noise at startup if the belt gets a little loose. Sort of a chirping sound when the motor is running a little rough when you first start it. Still, it sounds like it could be the belt though.

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