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Skyline Drive


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I'll be sauntering down to Staunton from Philly on Monday. I've never ridden (nor driven) the Skyline Drive. Mapsource indicates the total trip time is about 2 hours (and 43 miles) longer via the Skyline Drive, and is calculating that based on exactly 35 MPH (the speed limit I believe). That's about 3 hours of 35 MPH or 105 miles total on the Skyline itself.


My question is, from folks that have done it, is it "worth it", assuming I'll stick to 35-40 MPH? I'm inclined to go for it just because I have plenty of time available and have never been on it before.

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I highly recommend everyone do it at least once. Once you do it you probably wont do it again as the speed and such can be a real pain. However, the views are quite beautiful, etc. I think it would be a great start to the trip personally.

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...assuming I'll stick to 35-40 MPH...


Keep in mind that you pay an entry fee and are given a time-stamped receipt when entering the Drive. That receipt will be asked for should you be stopped ... make sure your average speed is equal to or lower than 35. In other words, if you're wicking it up, take lots of breaks to keep your average down.

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Thanks for the tip Matt; I would never have thought of that angle! I'll bring my camera and make plenty of photo stops!

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