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Food update...


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Ok, talked to the catering people again today... moved the date of the "event" from Thursday to Wednesday.


Here's where we are:


- Beef and Chicken BBQ

- Vegetarian entree (cheese-filled pasta with marinara sauce and assorted veggies)

- Pasta salad

- Fruit

- Chips

- Baked Beans

- Cole Slaw

- Canned sodas

- Two sheet cakes (one yellow, one chocolate, both with Unrally logo)


Approx $15.00 per person, plus taxes, and I'm checking on the rental of a small tent as overflow from the campground pavilion. I think we can do this for slightly less than $18.00 per person total for dinner (including taxes, tent, and koozies).


What sez ye?



(Edit: well, maybe not koozies. I need to check the prices again)

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In regard to your post on the other forum about keeping track of who paid for dinner and who didn't, I remember at the first Unrally in Gunnison, they put little blue and green dots on everyone's name tag to keep track of who paid for which meals. That might be an easy way to keep track visually of who paid for meals this time, too. Have a master list handy for those who forget to wear their nametags, but if you tell them that it is their admission to dinner, most will probably remember.

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We talked about this the other night. What we think that we are going to do is have a specially colored nametag for that night. Anyone with a <insert color here> nametag gets to eat. All others get to watch.

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