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As a note, the two smaller pics were borrowed from cycleriders.com.


Though I did actually have cows cross in front of me a few times, I wasn't able to get my camera out in time to catch them on the road. In regards to the wooden sign marking what was hwy 211, I wasn't sure that was even a road when I passed the sign for Petrolia/Capetown.


The shot of burger king was really taken by me. I think.

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That's a whole lot of pictures, Adam. I'm going to have to make it up to the Lost Coast one of these days...


Stopping for gas in Baker CA, I ran into some other BMW riders. You meet the nicest folks on a BMW.


That's true. What the relation to those two in the photo?


I told him about the site, so hopefully we'll see him around in the future! Greg, I couldn't figure out what I did with those cards you gave me again... doh. Too many pockets.


I just remember you folding them in with either credit cards or other business cards or something. David's got a template. For your next adventure, you should print some up.



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Dude! Scott! I thought I did! Hrm. Crud! I meant to, anyway! Thank you! I greatly appreciate it! That was miles and miles of bovine bliss! Someday I want to do that again, and would be honored if you would join me. smile.gif

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Phew, I am glad I have broadband, indeed ! grin.gif


'Interesting' would be a clear understatement for your trip reports. Hey, does riding around one spot for thirty minutes count as 'roundabout riding'?? Then we're colleagues grin.gifgrin.gifcrazy.gif


As for cows..... you have more different species than I pictures. If you want to learn more, check my 'Leslie' thread, where some real experts on cows popped up. They're telling me things about our Dutch cows that I had no clue about cool.gifthumbsup.gif


Great pics, Adam, and great story. Thanks !! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif



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Adam, just poking fun at you. grin.gif Your photos were wonderful and it looks as though you had decent weather for that trip. I actually felt guilty when I read how you had trouble finding the "start" of the Lost Coast road. I should have drawn it on a napkin or something... I actually discovered it quite by accident about 6 years ago.


I'd love to do that ride with you anytime, bro.... it is one of my favorites and I do it at least a couple of times a year. Wonderful in spring-late summer.


Hope the move goes well for you!

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Oh...my...gawd! I'm so happy this trip is over. I'm exhausted. But it's a good exhaustion. smile.gif

Thanx for including us in your journey, I look forward ever more to my next one.

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