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BMW dealers near / enroute to Gunny ?

Doug 55

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I thought there was a post on this a while back but no joy finding it tonite ... I'm coming down from Yellowstone with need for an oil change and an (at times) "odd looking" rear brake rotor* ... what say ye ? ? ?


* see attached photo, any eddicated opinions etc. would be appreciated;the (to me anyhow !) dramatic colorations were observed after braking down from an 90 mph run in 90 something degree weather, they faded out with subsequent/moderate rear brake use, the overall wear seen in the ridge effect (20 to 30 thou or something along those lines) looks odd/bad to me as well




- DQ

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I don't know why but your attachment didn't work.


The way you describe it your rear rotor turned a few defferent colors after hard use. If thats all that happened I would not wory about it. After numerous heating cycles and normal use it will fade. Happens to me all the time when I get playing around on back roads.


If your pads wore out and groved up the rotor I would just avoid using the rear brake until you can get replacements.


Good luck

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