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Olympia AST vs First Gear Kilimanjaro 4


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I've had a Kili 3 jacket for 4 seasons and like it a lot. Recently had a minor off that punched a few holes in it so what better excuse to buy a new jacket? I'm leaning towards the Kili 4 just because I had such good use out of the Kili 3.


But I know there's a lot of respect for the Olympia AST which seems to be the best match from the Olympia line to the Kili. I seached, but couldn't find much info on the AST (lots of info on the Airglide though).


Anyone care to offer an opinion on which one they'd get?



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The AST's seem like great jackets and everyone raves about them, just try one on first. I am too broad across the shoulders so they are too tight when I reach for the bars. Otherwise I would own one.


As soon as I try on a FG Ranier jacket I will be deciding between it and the Teknic Freeway jacket.

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4.0 are under 200 bucks now. I know which way I would go.
Huh? Where can you get one for under $200. The best price I've seen is $249.95 from an Ebay retailer.
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I have an AST that I've worn from 29 to 90 degrees. It's nice at 29 and bearable at 90. I had a significant get-off in Nevada this spring while wearing that coat. Dislocated my collarbone from my breastbone, but the only thing wrong with the coat was a split shoulder seam. South Sound BMW sent it into Rainy Pass and they fixed it good as new. Still waterproof.

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I always seem to be the negative guy, but here goes. The AST is a great jacket overall but the weak area of the jacket is the collar and the stupid plastic tabs on the cuff's. The collar when done up, which is not easy, is very rough on the neck and the plastic tabs on the cuffs make it hard to pull gloves over them. Other wise it is a good pick.



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Rode about 150 miles on Natchez Trace Pkwy today in a new AST. Temp around 60F, liner out. This is the 2nd time I've ridden in this jacket since I got it and I love it! I'll keep my mesh and my leather jackets, but I don't know how much I need them now.


As for the collar, I've got no complaints, it doesn't feel rough, it's not hard to fasten, or adjust comfortably. Maybe I gotta fat neck wink.gif ! The plastic tabs make it easier for me use with gloves (Held Steve racing/touring) but I tuck my gloves up into the sleeves in what I'm told is the Euro fashion confused.gif, which mind you is not the reason I do it that way. Anyway, those tabs make it much easier to adjust the cuffs with gloves on, just MHO.


Bottom line for me, Olympia AST + Olympia Transformer Recon pants = great combo and I didn't have to shell out for a Rallye Pro 2 or Santiago!

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Kili 4 is my vote. I'm on my second. A buck knocked me off the bike at 55mph. I skittered down the pavement like a hockey puck. The jacket was a goner but I hopped up without a scratch. Needless to say, I went out and got another Kili 4.

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Almost identical to the Kili 4 is the Kili 2, which might still be available at a super closeout price. (I understand the Kili 3 is quite different and not so desireable).

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I've never owned a Killi but I do have an AST and Ranger2 pants. I have ridden in 30-100's. On my RT I find it a littler hotter than I did on my S in the 80-90s but its bearable. It's an awesome all around touring jacket. I like that the liner can be worn on its own as a jacket with I often do as a camp go. The liner is also waterproof on its own. Same with the pants liners. The neck is a little too big for me but I don't get gallons of water going down my neck or anything. If I have a sweater on underneath or the liner, then the neck isn't even a problem. The sleeve tabs are tough to get a glove over, but they are easy to operate with gloved hands. Make sure it fits well. I think I bought mine a little too big and it puffs up on the chest when I sit down. Great stuff though.

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