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Traded the 1200rt


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Two years of ownership of my red 1200rt and she it about to go in March. I have traded it on the new 1200 adventure. I am so pleased that BMW have seen the light and brought back the low gearing again.


I have to decide what extras I'll need on the adventure before the 27th December.


I have missed my old 1150 adventure with its great suspension and low gearing. The RT has been good but I have not enjoyed its poor corning due to no adjustment on the front suspension. I have had replacement rear suspension but the bike tends to move up and down, also I miss riding the gravel roads with my wife on the back.


This also means I will not need my HP2 so I have traded that on the new 450, but the 450 will not be here until July

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Have you spent some time on the GSA????


Did ya look for the adjustment on the front shock???


I'm confused, but I get new bikes all the time.


Enjoy your new bike.




BTW...has your wife tried to get on the back of that monster yet????

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