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Fairly new BMWer


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This is my first time (with any type of forum), so, please, be gentle! After dropping my 2001 Concours (which I liked) earlier this summer, with me on it, I managed to get it home, but the friendly insurance company totalled it. So,after doing some looking around, particularly for ABS, I found a 2004 R1150RT, at a good price. The wife nixed it, but after talking to the only two motorcyclists who stopped at an overlook north of Santa Barbara, who happened to be riding 1150RTs, I decided that was a sign, and proceeded to antagonize my wife. I had to do it. The upshotis, I love the bike. I've been doing 2000+ miles a month, as my main mode of transit for work, and have yet to not look forward to getting on it to go anywhere.


I will be scrutinizing this site for maintanance tips, as from what I have studied so far, with the BMW manual and Clymer, I'm afraid to do some of the basics, such as brake pads, for fear of messing up the Motronic, and having to get it to the BMW dealer. Any helpful hints?


John C.

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Welcome, John. You've found a great site with wonderful people.


Don't be afraid of your BMW. It's not as complicated as you might think. In fact, in many ways, it's much simpler than the Connie.


I work as the Parts Manager at Brown Motor Works in Pomona. Come on in and we'll chat. I'll give you any help you need, whether it's to do the work yourself, or to hook you up with one of our BMW Master Certified Technicians to do the big stuff for you.

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Welcome! The folks on this board have saved me lots of time and money (most of which I have spent of farkles and new tools grin.gif)


You can do most anything that falls in the arena of 'Scheduled Maintenance'. Valve adjustments and throttle sync, brake pads and even system bleeds, are EASY to do. Find a Tech Day in your area and GO!! Once you have seen the tupperware come off and watched someone work on the bike, you'll be much more comfortable doing it yourself.


I love my '04 1150RT ... I've put 30K+ on her in the past 18 months. thumbsup.gif

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love my 2004 RT...good choice. tons of useful info on this site. do a search and find topics on "preloading while shifting" and "oil level check" to begin with. don't be bashful about asking questions.

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Welcome to the board. The '04 RT is a great bike, and other than a few token '05s, the last of the non-CANbus bikes, which means they're a bit easier for us to understand and work on. The Haynes manual is way better than the Clymer, by the way. If you have experience turning wrenches on anything, most maintenance is pretty simple. Lots of resources here and at IBMWR.

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John C:


Fear not! The RT is a fine machine, and the more you develop ur ability to work on it, the more u will like it. The RT is rider-mechanic friendly; if u have any mechanicking ability and a desire to learn, u need not fear the Motronic. See "Reading the Codes", Oct'07 BMW Owners News, p.86. Ride safely.



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John, Glad to have ya!! As stated by others, this is a great site. I have been posting questions, some dumb and some not, here since I purchased my 98 RT.


My next bike will be an 04. I love the lines and flow of the bike. 05 and up? eh, I'm sure they're great, but 04 back has much more class and style. No doubt you already love yours.


Lot's of good folks and info. here. Stay tuned. wave.gif

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Welcome, you will find this forum a great place for information gathering. I agree with the other members that said to look for a tech day in the SoCal area. I attended my first one in San Diego at Les and Jamie's home and it was outstanding! Lots of friendly folks to help you learn all about your bike. And some of them even know what they are doing. lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif

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