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K75 Gearbox Shifting


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Hello everyone...right up front I'll admit to being very new to BMW motorcycles, and it's been 20 years since I've had a motorcycle. I just purchaced a 1988 K75S and I'm spending the winter restoring her. She's not bad off, the splines are shot (but I'm working on replacing those). And the transmission/gear box acts a little unexpected...I can easily find 1st, neutral, and 2nd gear...but beyond that to find the other higher gears I must turn the output (or input shaft) some. Shouldn't I be able to just pull up on the shifter and click the gearbox into each gear? Help? I did look in the FAQ and did a search so I hope this isn't a redundant question.


thank you in advance...


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I take it that you have the transmission off the bike.

If you do and are trying to shift it that way, don't worry about it. You just hit a spot where the gear engagement dogs are lined up for the lower three positions. All transmissions will shift better when there is some motion in the gear system, that is how they are designed.

It is the same as getting caught in fourth and fifth when you stop. You have to go through all kinds of contortions to get it back to low gear



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