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honda carburetor


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You guys always come through for me so here goes

honda rancher 350 atv. the carb is not getting gas. when I pure the fuel into the carb it starts for a few seconds. this is what I have done (my mechanical skills are limited) changed all the fuel to new stuff, blew out the fuel line, carb cleaned as much as I could get to. the fuel line goes into the carb via a elbow and I think that may be gummed up,so I sprayed cleaner in there 200 times with no luck.

That elbow doesnot come off.




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What year ATV?


Most things with carbs have some sort of fuel shutoff, typically engine vacuum activated. On the bikes it's usually the petcock. Other times it's an electric fuel pump. Either way the idea is to prevent gas from just running out of the tank should you drop it or something.


Don't know the specific ATV, but I really really doubt the elbow is gummed up (if it is, you've got bigger problems in the carb I'd guess).


My guess is the petcock has a vac line going to it. Either the vac line is in some way damaged, or the diaphragm in the petcock is torn. Either way, the valve isn't opening when the engine starts, no fuel is delivered.


Some petcocks will have a "prime" feature, where you can turn the knob to reserve and push in, this will manually open the valve.


Regardless, follow that fuel line upstream and find out what is blocking the flow. Might be as simple as a filter even. But I really doubt it's gunk in that elbow.


Also, if you can find it in a online parts fiche like this one, it can be helpful to see where things are at:




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