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BMW Smart Charger - Odysey Battery


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Can I leave my BMW advanced charging system charger plugged into my R1100RT accessory socket all winter? I have an Odessy (AGM, not gel) battery. It says it is programmed for BMW gel batteries. confused.gif


Alternately, I have another BMW 1 amp charger. Would this be a better bet, or no real difference?



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Since it's a computer controled unit I find they do get dumb though and the battery will slowly drain down. once a week or twice since the stuff is in my garage I unplug and replug the charger and the process starts over and takes 4-8 hours to go solid green. That way it is fully charged. I found this out since I own a VW garage and the "smart chargers" don't charge up all the way. The "old school" ones will but they can also over charge so they can't be used for long times. I charge cars that come into the shop. EVERY CAR. Especially in the winter. 10 amp setting for 3-8 hours does the battery a lot of good. Most of us in the cold enviroment drive short distances and batteries don't charge well/at all when they get to a certain temp. Plus the defrost, heated seats, fan, radio, lights, wipers etc. really kill batteries.


Sorry for the off topic to car batteries.

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Keep in mind though....Plug your charger into the acc socket, then and only then plug the charger into the AC outlet.

You'll be fine.

Never heard that caution before. What's the logic behind it? I've never sequenced the hook-up of my charger to bike then wall socket, and have undoubtedly hooked up AC first on numerous occasions over 4 1/2 years without any untoward effects to date.

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I don't understand the logic either, For all I know it may be an ole wives tale.

May have something to do with the unit's electronics and safeguarding it should you geographically be in an area of suspect voltage. Who knows...

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Its probably to safeguard against the accidental grounding of the center electrode on the plug, which will be hot if the charger is connected to 110V. I suppose one could accidentally flash the electrode against the outside of the receptacle when carelessly inserting it.

Could happen I guess !

While on the subject of Battery tenders, I hope my question does not constitute a hijack - if so, I'm sorry.


I have a small female 2 terminal plug inside the left side panel that I'm sure the previous owner told me was for a battery tender. Could someone look at this pic and verify this for me please? If this is for the BMW tender, then please excuse my ignorance as this is new to me.

The bike has the BMW "gel" battery, so please advise what tender I should get.




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