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Technics Apparel Sale at Iron Pony


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Was just at Iron Pony in Columbus Ohio. They have a huge clearance sale on Technics riding gear, including the Spyder jacket (textile/mesh conversion jacket). Bought the wife a great jacket and over pants. The jacket was normally around 200 bucks, picked it up for 75. One of the sales clerks said that Iron Pony bought out the entire leftover 2006 riding gear from Technics....looks like some good prices to me. I'm not assiciated with Iron Pony in any way...just passin on the information. online www.ironpony.com



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Your killing me! I just bought a new pair of textile overpants locally...on sale at least. But, I have the Sprint jacket already and the pants zip to the jacket for the complete system....and now they are on sale for $69.99!!! eek.gifdopeslap.gif


Thanks for the linky~

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Do they really have as much as is on the web site at the store? I was thinking of going to Columbus to do some shopping? Looking for some boots but want to try on as many as I can and see them in real life.



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