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A short night ride to see some neighborhood lights


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Ok this ride tale is equal to about 14 miles total.



Stop one was to get a hot cup of coffee. My first one after the long summer. At about 7pm tonight it was a chilly 57 degrees.



The main Boulevard in my part of Phoenix is all decked out in Holiday Lights. There is no doubt that a lighted Saguaro is a sure sign that Saint Nicholas is about to get busy.



This extravaganza is all sponsored by one of the two HOA's I get to belong to here. But we have a really nice sign.







There is just something worthy about cacti.



It goes on like this for about 2 miles.



I "think" it is ok to park next to a sidewalk.....



Some of the houses on one of the man made lakes in my area.


Tomorrow is the "Festival of lights kickoff party" here. It should be pretty cool. They put up snowflakes that are about 20ft across and a 3 story tall angel on the side of the mountain. Pretty worthy and I will post a shot of that later.


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Nice snaps thumbsup.gif


Brrrrr it makes me cold just thinking about those temps lmao.gif


The wife steps off the plane here from Scottsdale after complaining all week of the heat. She walked right into a foot of snow grin.gif The kicker was all she had was a sweatshirt with her dopeslap.gif

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Yea.........Christmas is almost here!!!! Tom I love the cacti!!!



We have a neighbor here in our little neighborhood whose house has been lit up like the Grizwalds for almost a month and a half. Yup, that's right it has been glowing overe "there" even before Halloween. They even have a giant 7' snowman, or maybe it's a polar bear that sits in the driveway. Either way......."are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!"


Happy to see the lights commin out now that Thanksgiving has passed. Hey honey, the lights are waiting for you to put them up...... grin.gif

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I "think" it is ok to park next to a sidewalk.....


I think it is.....BUT I think you are suppose to be on the other side of the sidewalk grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif. Then again, you are the one that taught me riding down a sidewalk was okay thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif.


GREAT pictures...... I love Christmas lights!

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Your pictures bring back fond memories of growing up in Tucson. It makes me a little wistful as I was not able to get to Phoenix for Thanksgiving due to the issues with the K12, damhik. Thanks for sharing.



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57 ins't bad I can ride in that! Who decorated those cacti?? That was way cool. thumbsup.gif


Volunteers from the area do it. We pay for it through our HOA fees.


Oh and Jacqueline, sidewalk riding is an art few really understand. I will say you are an excellent pupil!

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57 ins't bad I can ride in that! Who decorated those cacti?? That was way cool. thumbsup.gif


You can find lights on the cacti all over the valley. It truly is a beautiful sight. You have to remember, we don't have a lot of other trees around here, so folks will decorate anything they find. The tall palm trees are especially cool, especially when people decorate the tall ones all the way to the top.

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Nice AZ pix. In FL, I watched the Christmas boat parade in New Port Richey one night last week. About 25 boats, all decorated with festive lights, slowly motoring down the Pithlachascotee River. Even the local Hooters had a boat. thumbsup.gif

Watched the whole show in shorts and a t-shirt. It was about 75 degrees. cool.gif

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