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Small bag/case for R1200GS


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I just purchased an '07 R1200GS for my wife and unlike my R12RT, there's no space behind the rear seat locking mechanism where I carry the bike's registration, insurance card, etc. Anyone have a recommendation for a small bag or case that fits on or under the luggage rack and that secures (i.e., locks) so it can't be stolen from the bike or opened so the contents are protected? I've looked at the GS top case and it's just too big for that purpose. Thanks.

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Not sure of the name,but there is a small lock box available that fits behind the license plate,for just such a purpose.


Maybe check with RoadRider in San Jose.


Someone please pipe in with the product name or a link.


Have also seen a small lockable Pelican or Otterbox put to the same use.


Found it!





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While I await my Jesse bags to be made/shipped,I scoot around town with this.......




Also acts as sort of a back rest for the Mrs. on those "ocassional ride alongs"!!! Box is of good size with a "keyed" lock/latch.


El'cheepo plastic box available from J C Whitney. Cost about $60.00,... of course I paid more at a local cycle shop till someone told me about JC Whitney having it.


Slips on an off easily from this black plastic "universal plate".


For the money,well worth it. thumbsup.gif

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