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r1200st battery


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The Odyssey PC535 might work,that's the correct one for my '05 R1200GS.


Measure your battery,then compare to the Odyssey.

Lots of places online,search for good prices,if lucky you can get one for around $100,but prices keep climbing.



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Thanks for the reply. A couple of months ago I ordered one thinking it was the same size as my rt and S.The ST uses a diffent size battery than the others. I had to measure the dimensions on mine and get the closest ah. that I could find. I was hoping to get a good quality one for the same price as the junk bmw one. I have had 5 bmw's and replaced every one within 2 years. I ride year round too. ST dim. are 6L x 3.2W x 6h. plus or minus a CH

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It's the same battery as the Suzuki V-Strom, as well as several others. I found this out the hard way when my battery suffered a massive failure on a trip.

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