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2nd Annual TDMCPBR & Check-in


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That's "Thanksgiving Day Male Chauvenist Pig Breakfast Ride


I gotta make this short as I have to leave shortly. A few brave souls braved the terrible November weather (fog) and met at EffBee's place.



No that's not gear oil, it's gutter water!! grin.gif


We met the second crew at the gas station in Temecula:




Hugs, kisses and hand shakes were the norm here as we met up with friends we haven't seen in a while.


It was a beautiful morning for a ride. The fog had lifted and left clear cool skies. Had to fight a rising sun a little bit but that's the only complaint I have. We all made it to Julian in due time:




and ate at this establishment:




A few from inside:





Randy showed up with his son & SO(?) in tow. I had a chance to chat with Randy but not his son. I would however like to thank his son for serving this country! Well done young man!!!thumbsup.gif




It was great meeting them.


If you're ever in Julian and get lost just look for the information pole:




It was over all to quickly and with responsibilities at home I headed out with Fernando and Eddie. We encountered some pretty good traffic and I radio'd to Fernando I was backing off. I had a full stomach, was getting tired and just did't feel sharp enough to split traffic at the given pace. tongue.gif


Thanks EVERYONE......until next year, glockster

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thanks for letting us join you (even if we came by car). Yes that is Ryan's SO. It was great putting some faces with names. If all goes well we should see a lot of you next year at John Day, OR. Ryan is currently scheduled for release on July 3, 2008, so the John Day unrally will be our celebration event. Once again very nice to meet everyone, and the Apple crum pie was awesome.

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Thanks for the pics and write-up, Marco. Always a pleasure to ride with you. I must admit that we missed not having Nora on this ride, but she called me the day before and said she had "mom" things to do with her daughter and they took precedence. Good mom, her.


It did start out a little iffy, with all the fog. I hoped it was gonna clear up a bit when we got on the freeway, but it held for about 15 miles until we cleared Corona and got some elevation. Then it came back about 45 miles later as we dropped into Temecula.


There was a good group waiting for us at the Mobil station. We waited a little longer than expected, hoping for the fog to lift as the sun rose, which it did. Unfortunately, that put us right into the sun's path as we entered the mountains, the first part of which go due east before turning southeast. So, as Marco mentioned, we had a little glare in our eyes for a few miles.


Breakfast was the always good and always abundant Julian Cafe and Bakery (not to be confused with the Julian Coffee House, sometimes refered to as the Julian Cafe). Russell Bynum and I ordered some apple/walnut/oatmeal pancakes, a side of eggs and a side of bacon, and we split everything and were completely full.


The ride back was fun as I got to chase Eddie (the Service Manager at Brown's where I work). That's Eddie in one of the pics with his back to the camera and the big Brown Motor Works t-shirt on. He's a track days veteran, an accomplished racer, has his AMA pro license, and is smooth as glass. I was working to keep up and he was just cruising (two up!). Eddie knows his stuff not only from the business end of a wrench, but handlebars too. Oh, to be young and fast again. OK, just young. I never was fast.


It was also great to be able to communicate with Marco and John (bmwdude) on the radios as we climbed the mountain, indicating when the traffic ahead was clear so others could pass slower-moving vehicles. The Autocom systems worked flawlessly, as I listened to XM radio up and down the mountain and slowed down for the only radar hit we got (and it was legitimate, thank you Mr. Valentine).


This Thanksgiving morning ride looks like it will be around for a while. If your plans allow it, come join us next year. If I "organize" it, I'll probably start it a half hour later. Our concern was getting up the mountain and getting fed early enough so that people could be hungry again around 3PM that afternoon for their family Thanksgiving feast. But with the fog we've had the past two years, we usually end up waiting an extra half hour for it to clear anyway, so why not just start a little later. That might even give a couple of new people the extra impetus to get up and join us. Hope you're one of them.

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haha thank you fernando for the invite to this awesome event... it was a beautiful ride out to Julian and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Anytime food is involved you can count me in... hehe... even got to bring home four Julian Apple Pies (yum) thumbsup.gif

again thank you everyone for making this an enjoyable ride... can't wait till the next ride wave.gif

oh and by the way I had to cruise since I had a first timer as a passenger... can't be all hooligany the first time out wink.gif

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Jennifer and I tried to make it to the Mobil by 0700, but with the fog it was not to be! So, we backed off a little bit and headed straight to Julian. Soon, the fog and the traffic cleared and the ride was ON!


We blasted up the hill, really enjoying the wide open sweepers and the magnificent views. What fun-J and I haven't ridden up there in a couple of years, what with her Masters' Degree work in progress and all...So, we really had fun!


And the food and fellowship at the restaurant was even better. Wrapping our frozen hands around some hot coffee and tea, we reaquainted ourselves with lots of folks we haven't seen in a long while! The walnut/apple pancakes and home fried potatoes were out of this world too.


The ride out of the mountains was nice, but needed to split lanes most of the freeway portion of the trip. Not so much fun. blush.gif


Thanks for setting this up, FB. And for everyone else, hope to see you soon!



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