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So I think I'm scraping the pegs...


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Ok, so I quit being such a cheap SOB today and got a new rear PilotRoad (new tires are soooo pretty grin.gif...). Rode over to a vacant school parking lot and started doing some lazy turns to try and get the new tire scrubbed in a little bit. I have never really been much of a 'peg dragger', but the tire started feeling good, and I was feeling good, so I started getting tighter and tighter in my turns, and then *scrape*! Pretty cool! Other side! Cool! ....uh, not so much.


I got home and was looking at the bike, and what the ___?! Not only had I been scraping the peg feelers, I also succeeded in scraping the belly pan and the tupperware just forward and down from where the front of your boot would be.


WOW. That's a new one. I guess the question is: Anyone else do this and feel as dumb as I do? Here I am trying to overcome the lean and I scrape the damn plastic up!!! dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif The only good thing is that it's pretty hard to see, unless you're looking for it, but I know it's there (know what I mean?). Anyway, lemme know your thoughts on today's little oops. Thanks.

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Yeah sounds like shocks to me too. I read you don't like spending money on tires... That will be a distant after thought when you go to replace your shocks!


Keep you eyes peeled for any of the much better after market shocks in the used marketplace. It wont hurt as much in the pocket as a new set and you will be a happy camper when you switch UP!

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That's definitely a shock problem. I had the same thing happen a few times, though it was always the lower fairing on the right side that seemed to take the most abuse (Tony, I'm sure you noticed the scar down there by the brake pedal...that was pre-Works Performance. grin.gif)


Time for new shocks. clap.gif

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My R1100RT did that on the right side until I added Wilburs shocks to front and rear. My R1150RT is grinding the centre stand away on both sides right now and it's shock replacement time, especially for two-up riding in the twisties...


Wilburs or Technoflex are very good products. Ohlins by reputation are brilliant.


Stops the grinding.


Linz smile.gif

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I scrape my center stand on some turns just do the the way the road is pitched for drainage. Scrapped the plastic once also. It is a good conversation piece now.

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How many miles on the bike? Have you tried jacking up the preload?

I have only ever scraped when two-up and that was at Deal's Gap eek.gif


31k on the clock. I did the pre-load adjustment fix from another thread and I think that did the trick. The pre-load adjuster was going from the top of the adjustment range to about 1/2 way with no resistance. After the 15 minute fix, it now encounters resistance with less than a turn. Also, FWIW, my scraping antics were very low-speed, sharp-angle turns. At high speed- esp after the fix- I think it's all good in tha hood. I'll update when the weather clears up and I can go find out.

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