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newer 650gs or older 1100gs as 2nd bike


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About this time of year (crappy weather in Pa.) every year I start thinking it would be nice to have a gs. I'm reluctant to take my 07 RT out when there is salt on the road. I don't care how cold it is but I don't want to screw up the bike.

I'm surrounded by miles and miles of fire roads through the state forrest and game lands. I could ride these all year long as long as there isn't too much snow.

I've been looking at used F650's. Then I realized I could get an older 1100 gs for the same money.

Any advice?




07 R1200RT

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I've been all over the fire/unpaved roads up around State College. Personaly, I would buy a used KLR650 and abuse the hell out of it. They are cheaper to fix and have a ton of aftermarket support

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Hi Bill. Do you plan on riding with a passenger for any of these salt-road trips? If so, consider the 1100. If not, or if you both are smaller folks, go with the 650. The 650 will also be a fun play bike when the weather gets warmer.

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For fire roads and dirt/gravel, the F650 is a better choice.The 1100GS is fairly heavy. The F650 is a hoot for fun. It also has a lot more power than a KLR, but not as much suspension travel. It is also heavier than a KLR, but IMHO is better made.

For a KLR and F650 ride report, read here

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Thanks for the reply's.

I thought about the KLR or the Suzuki as they are cheaper but I like being able to easily add the hard luggage to the 650. Also I like to know that there is enough eletrical power to run my Gerbing jacket liner and socks. I'm now wondereing about the 650 Dakar and if that might also be a viable option.

I'm also a little concerned that the value of the 650's is going to drop once the 800 gs becomes available. I'll bet there will be more than a few traded for the 800. I probably should wait till March but when has a motorcycle purchase been a logical decicion.



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I probably should wait till March but when has a motorcycle purchase been a logical decicion.


Not enough times to mention grin.gif


You have a good thought there about waiting till the new models hit the showrooms. Don't forget that the F650GS will be getting a new motor as well next year. It might not be a bad idea to call up Hermy's and see when the new models are coming in. That might be the perfect time to start shopping for an older F650.

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