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R1100RT Speedometer


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I have a 1999 R1100RT, the bike is new to me and is my first BMW; the good news is the bike is a dream to ride, the bad news is after 3 weeks and 1,200 miles the speedometer has stopped working.

I have had a quick look at the cables and nothing seems disconnected or loose (I could be wrong, when I checked it was cold in the garage and I had been on the bike for two hours before in the wind and rain), so if anyone can give me some ideas on what the problem might be / how to fix it or provide contact details of a good source for a replacement (in the UK) I would appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance


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In most likely order:


The cable has come loose at the back of the speedometer.

The drive hub ass'y at the wheel has come loose/apart internally or worn.

It internal cable itself has failed.

The speedo itself has failed.

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If you haven't already, you might double check the connection at the spedo head up in the dash. On mine, it had unnscrewed itself, but it was hard to tell unless you got your hand up there - which is a tight fit - and wiggled things a bit and/or looked closely with a strong light and see the actual connection threads.

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Assuming the nut hasn't backed off the back of the speedo (happened to me), my money is on a broken cable (also happened to me). I was told this was not uncommon. They seem to break internally at or near the bottom end. Most dealers keep one in stock and it's a straightforward operation to swap them out.

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