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Running rough...sometimes.


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Maybe someone can help me figure this one out.

Rode my '04 1150RT 70 miles to work yesterday, ran fine. On the way home, 5 minutes from work, the bike stalled as I was decelerating in gear (20mph?). pulled over, tried starting it, it started after turning over a few times as if it were flooded. Ran a little rough at first, then fine after that for another few minutes, then it happened again. Got it started again and was able to keep it running when the roughness would start by giving it some throttle. 15 minutes or so of nursing it along and it cleared up. Made it home with no more trouble.

The only thing to add is that I gassed up while at work (5.3 gallons) and did over fill it some into the filler neck, enough that it drained some out the overflow drain line while parked using the side stand.

I thought it might be bad gas, but then why did it clear up? Same for clogged filter, jet or any other fuel/air passage.

Might something electrical be thinking about quitting on me?


ANY thoughts would be very much appreciated.


Tony S.


04' R1150RT Commuter

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Welcome!!! clap.gif Great place to learn about your bike!!! I am not very mechanical but have learned to do most of the maintenance on my RT!!! I am sure some experienced guys will pipe in. Could be the gas over filled into the overflow charcoal canister and then got sucked back into the engine causing the stumble.

How many miles on the bike, what service has been done??

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All fluids and filters (except the fuel filter) have been done on schedule by me since I bought the bike 2 years ago at 21,000 miles. The bike has 38,000 mi by the way. The plugs still look great and it runs smooth, so I haven't changed those nor have I messed with the valves or synched the throttle bodies yet. I'm also a little over due for an alternator belt.

Unscheduled stuff, tires, headlight, fuel line quick disconnect last year and that's about it.

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Still sounds like a fuel related issue to me. A bit of water or something that passed through. I won't worry about it unless a repeat pattern appears in the future.

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I would first buy some sea foam at the auto store and run it though the engine. Here is the fun part: Ride it like you stole it and let the sea foam clean everything out. A good friend told me this and it really works. Just my .02

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That is how mine acted when I got some watered fuel. If you use a small (1/4") piece of tubing and a container, You can start a siphon, with the end of the tube on the bottom of the tank. I got about a pint of water out of mine, and never had the problem again. Good Luck!

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Sounds like you are a bit over due for a simple tune up (supposed to be every 6000 miles per the manual) i.e. valve adjustment followed by throtle body sync and new plugs and I think the gas filter is due for replacement every 24000 miles. Mostly sounds like you over filled the tank which pluged up your charcoal canister and can cause problems. I add DryGas or something similiar every so often to saok up the water and condensation that happens normally! Good luck! AndyT

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