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Heated grips and radio


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Couple of questions for the Board. My heated grips ('05 RT) do not heat evenly. The right grip feels much warmer than the left when on high. Is this normal -- dealer says so but I have not seen this commented on before.


Also, my bike has the factory wiring and speakers for the BMW factory radio/cd player. I am wondering if these items are worth seeking and installing. Are they quality items? Can they be installed after the bike is built? I never see used ones advertised -- why is that and where might I find them?


I have an autocom system on the bike.


Thanks in advance, folks.

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RE: The heat, to a certain extent yes its normal. The left side is more directly connected to the metal bar that conducts some heat away than the right, which is mounted to a rotating plastic sleeve.


RE: The radio, in my opinion it's not worth it. You will get much better sound for less $$ by going the XM radio/MP3 player/Small FM pocket unit or similar with in-helmet or earbud speakers. And you'll better protect your hearing to boot.

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