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Replacement front tire size for K75S?


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eek.gifOn the topic of tires (see the K1200 post), I want to replace my front tire for next spring. My tire size seems very limited out there. The bike spec's a 100/90 for 18, V rated. The only thing I can see available in that is a lasertec. Decent, obviously, but chunky looking. Are there other sizes I could consider that would yield more tire selections? My friends rave about the Z6 roadtec's, which are not made in those dimensions. Can I increase the width and decrease the height ie, run a 110/80 or even a 120/60? For some reason, I feel like additional front tire width would make sense. I know it is a newbie question, but I'd be curious folks' take on what that would do in terms of handling? Thanks in advance!
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Well, the additional front tire width would make sense except for one small problem. Your wheel width needs to increase correspondingly or you are going to run into some handling issues. A 110-80 might be doable at the expense of some truck like steering and a greater propensity for cupping. Forget about the 120-60 without a wheel change. Mounting a wide tire on a too narrow rim is a really bad idea. The profile of the tire will differ, when mounted, from that intended by the manufacturer and you may well wind up with less traction rather than more. At the extremes of this case, lurks the wobble demon and you don't want to meet him. eek.gif

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My K100RT calls for a 100/90-18 also. But I have used a 110/80-18 with no problem, together with a one-size-up 140/80-17 at the back.


As for the type of tire, I have used Michelin Macadam-50s the last 2 sets and I like them. The present set are the standard size (100/90-V18 at the front) and the last set was a 110/80-V18 at the front. I bought them from Motorcycle Pro Shop, and they are still listes on their site.


By the way, for the speeds that a K75 (or a K100 for that matter) is capable of going, an H-rated tire should also be OK.

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I ran the sizes that Bob recommends for many years on my K-bike and it worked just fine. (110/80 front, 140/80 rear)

After 10 minutes of riding you will probably adapt to any handling changes, they are not significant.



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