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Help with fuse size for Touratech block and Corbin seats


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I just got my new Corbins in and want to hook the heaters to the Touratech fuse block that is activated by my lights switch. The existing fuse is a 15 amp and the fuse that somes with the Corbin is a 7.5 amp. I also run my mp3 and my gps off of the fuse block. Can anyone tell me if I need to raise the amperage of the fuse block to accomidate the Corbin? I don't want to blow a fuse. Also I did not want to wire the Corbin directly to the battery if in case I accidently leave the heaters on



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Fuse sizing is not done for the load but rather for the wire. The fuse is there to prevent the wire from overheating and starting a fire.


A general guideline for 12 VDC.

18 gauge wire 10 amp fuse.

16 gauge wire 15 amp fuse.

14 gauge wire 20 amp fuse.


If your heated seats came with a 7.5 amp fuse, you should leave it in line and connect it to one of the circuits on your fuse block with, probably, a 10 amp fuse on the line. The other stuff (mp3 and GPS) draw negligible current and can safely be ignored. Given their wire sizes though, it would probably be a good idea to put them on a separate circuit using a 2 amp fuse.

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As Ed said, you want to go down in size not up. Best protection is at the smallest size fuse that will not blow under normal use. And if you do end up too small and it blows, it's no big deal. They only cost a few pennies to then change to one side bigger.

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