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HawkesProducts--still in business?


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I've tried to reach Hawks Products by email twice in the last two weeks. No response. Phoned a few min ago and had to leave a voice mail. The good news was the phone number still worked.


I'm hoping they'll come out with an R12RT version of their Talon highway peg mounts, but I can't seem to reach them.


Anyone know anything helpful?

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Yes -the firm is still in business but the Company's head is moving to Seattle - and I believe is already there. Probably just has not had the time to change over phones, etc. I don't know about the brackets for the 1200. I have set for my 1150 and they're great.

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They already have a set for the R1200RT. I had a set on mine when I bought the bike. I personally didn't care for them and removed and sold them.



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Thanks for the update on their move. Guess I'll just try to be patient awhile longer.


Mike -- wouldja share what you didn't care for 'bout these mounts? Wrong length, perhaps? And what, if anything, did you find that suited you better?

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Just tried HawksProducts phone again, and now get message it's been disconnected. No new number provided. The website's Contact Us info is unchanged.


I admit to being an old boy with a new toy, so perhaps I'm being a bit impatient ... but can't help myself.


If anyone knows how to reach the proprietor(s), I'd really like to at least get an idea of when these folks will be available again for contact.



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Just to let everyone know ... I have heard from Jim Hawkes. Very nice gentleman.


He's working on getting his website's phone number updated, but the old one does now refer the caller to his new number.


So he and his Talon products are back.

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Still trying to contact him; the website's back up but the link to the secure server / acquiring service doesn't work. The phone number on the website produces a replacement number in Seattle, which leads to an answering service - and a dead end. No returned calls.


Anyone got any more news about whether they're / he's trading or not? Thanks

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