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New to me 06 R12RT Maiden Ride questions


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Moving from my 96 to the 06, and drove bike home from Orlando to Pensacola yesterday about 500 miles via secondary roads.


Notice at dark that whenever I used the brakes I could see a slight dimming in the dash display and the headlights...I know that these brakes are servo assist, is this common?


Additionally, the anti-theft device is not working. When I picked it up from Orlando BMW, they could not get it to work in the parking lot, took it to the techs in back and they hooked diag computer to it and did some sort of download (they said it was not in system config)and it worked at the dealer and a few hours later it worked at my Dad's house. Left the bike for 2 weeks till I could come and get it, now it is not working again. Any thoughts?




Rest of my report would belong on Ride Tales forum.

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Any unusual icons on the dash panel? There is a low battery alert that is triggered by the alarm system, if it senses a low condition. Observe the display closely before hitting the starter. I suppose low battery prevents security system from working properly.

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Ok, so I go out to look for display clues....saw none...then tried the Anti Theft and it worked. Not sure how I could of fat fingered it when I tried to show the wife (her first look at the bike)....it is only one button right???


I had just finished a 500 mile ride..but still.


I guess this is good news... eek.gif

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