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Michelin 2CT initial report


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I needed a new rear tire on my K12S so I bought a Michelin Pilot 2CT (Dual compound). I road about 300 miles on it today and did a little bit of everything, high speed sweepers, tight twisties, lose dirt and gravel on paved roads, roads with rain grooves, wet and damp roads, hard acceleration out the corners, mini wheelies, you name it. In terms of grip and road feel these tires are excellent. If they last 6000 miles and don't cup badly I will have found a new favorite tire. So far I am very impressed. I'll follow up when I wear them out. That should take about two or three months.


Cheers! smile.gif

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If they last 6000 miles....


In my dreams tongue.gif


The best I've got out the stock M-1 and a pair of M-3 was half that run to the cords.


I've switched to the 2CT but do not ride the S as much these days so no idea how they will wear just yet.


Looking forward to your results lurker.gif

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