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r1100 rt lighting system suggestions


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looking for suggestions on different lighting systems for my bike..i would like to change bulb, & add lights on the forks.. ran into a guy over the weekend who had these blue extremely bright lights.. dont know the name, but i sure saw him coming around the corner..thank you.

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I recently converted to HID. Here is a link.


Another popular addition is small lights mounted just below the oil cooler (usually PIAA). I find these help other see me, but mine offer little improvement as far as helping me see. With my new HID this is not an issue for me.

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Go HID to start with.......then decide if you want anything else.


I'm running HIDs for both beams, and have PIAA lights under the oil cooler.........for what its worth, I barely even know the PIAA lights are there.

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I see it's for an 1100RT so you don;t have the twin fog lights on both sides of the main headlight. Mine does and I put the yellow Nokya bulbs in them, the "light" is not brighter BUT the visual effect while the bike is coming towards you is more visually eye catching because of the amber color. I have no idea what the cost is of the HID but if you can afford it, it also stands out more identifying you as a motorcycle.

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