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Installation of Universal Bright Brake Light Kit


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Greetings to all!


My name is Billy. I live in SoCal down the street from a "farm" that was once famous for its berry that was originally created by Ralph Boysen.


After 25 years of riding various metric and American made motorcycles, I recently purchased a 2004 1150 RT. I purchased it in Tucson, AZ and rode it home. It never occurred to me how I could experience the joy I experienced in that 525 mile ride home. This motorcycle has truly brought me to another level of enjoyment in motorcycle riding. I am very pleased with this machine.


I desire to install a Universal Bright Brake Light Kit on my license plate area of my rear fender




If there are those of you who have experience in the installation of this device, I would be obliged if you would share your knowledge, wisdom and observations in the install.



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Hi, welcome to the board/madness!


The installation is very straight forward, but you do need to be familiar with splicing into wires. Assuming that, mount it, splice into the tail and brake light behind the lenses and you're good to go!

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Thank you for sharing.


After splicing into the tail and brake lights, would you suggest dropping the wires through the top of the fender to feed the LED? The instructions suggest using a Uni-bit to drill through through the fender to the license plate. The instructions are not specific though in how to feed the wires from the tail/brake lights.



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I installed one of those BMW lights and it was very easy, although I have a RTP so there was a lot of places for me to feed the wire through without having to drill. I would suggest looking for the best place but using the unibit (gives a clean uniform hole) in the fender (can you drill behind the tail light) to the light seems the way to go since you will be tapping the wire from the tail light housing anyway unless you don't mind cables on the outside? I would make sure to weatherproof the hole also.

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If you drill through the fender the wires won't show. If you go straight up tucking them behind your plate they will. Depends upon how fussy about the cosmetics you want to be.

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Thanks to both of you for your suggestions.


I wish to keep this as cosmetically clean as I can.


As I have learned from just about any other investment in my leisure time, if I can't install it or fix it, I can pay someone else who knows how to do it a lot of money.

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Nice question. I am thinking about putting on something just like this brakelight devise you are working on. I am kind of new at this so, if you don't mind, can you take of picture of how you splice the wire, where you tap into the tail/brake light, where you drill the hole on the fender, a picture of the unibid and how you end up water proofing the hole. Much appreciated.


KR lurker.gif

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Please include one of the light in operation when you post your pics. I've been looking for a means of addressing the lighting inadequacy of the factory setup and this looks good.

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