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Vacuum gauges


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What brand of Vacuum gauges do you guys use to do the sync.

Does anyone have a link.

My dealer says that they are on the winter schedule and have cut way back on service techs and run about two to three weeks out on appointment for service, and I am needing the 6000.


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Old fashion 20 year old Carb Stix. I love the mercury in them. Dead stable and can measure the twins, singles or 4's. Such a deal I'm telling you. dopeslap.gif

Me, too. They work fine.

But the mercury is real bad stuff. I know, I know, we all played with it when we were kids, but don't drop the tubes! dopeslap.gif

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I have 4 industrial vacuum gauges, that I adjusted to read exactly the same, and connect one to each throttle body. To stop them from flailing around (since vacuum is only present for a short time when the inlet valve is open), I cut the head off of 4 long screws and jammed one into each vacuum hose. This forces the air to be sucked out along the narrow screw threads. The resulting restriction results in a nice smooth reading. The gauges were about $7.00 each.

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