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180/60 tire on 07 k1200gt?? Previous post missing - lets try again


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I need a tire with a LOT more mileage - my mileage is going to go from 1800+ miles / month to about 2800+ miles per month.


I was looking at the Dunlop Elite 3 - rumored to get well over 10K miles with a heavy cruiser. I see they have the 120/70 size for the front, but only a 180/60, while my bike seems to like a 180/55 size rear.


What would the problems be, if any, from changing over to the slightly larger rear?


I am not worried about loss of ultimate grip, as my miles will become 95% freeway after I move.


I also don't care about high speed, as us poor Americans can't get over 85 on the freeway without serious legal trouble. Most of my freeway miles are dead on at 65mph, using the cruise control for maximum fuel economy.

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The tire would be slightly taller.

Your speedometer will indicate slower than you are actually going.

Your odometer will register fewer miles.

The handling will change and maybe not for the better.

You may get more mileage out of the tire.

It may rub, but I doubt that.

I don't know if it will affect the ABS.

Think about what wheel width is recommended for that tire.



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Calvin  (no socks)

I would not change the aspect ratio of the tire. I had Metzlers on the S bike and went to a Pilot road for longevity... I have 10,000 miles on it... a trip to Torrey, tar snakes..yikes.. and several other short trips.. Am satisfied with the increase in mileage, but performance and stickyness aren't there.. Must remember that with all that juice on tap!

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Your 180-55 tire comes on a 5.5" rim. You may find a better solution by going to a 170-60 rear tire. The 170 is compatible with that rim width, indeed it performs quite well on it. That will open the realm of the Metzeler 880 tire to you. A 170-60 ME 880 will give you just what you are looking for. Another alternative for long wear is the Tourance from the same folks. It is a block pattern tire and will allow you a little more traction in dirt of gravel should you somehow find yourself on the wrong road. Excellent wear characteristics and life at the expense of a slightly harsher ride.

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Not sure why you'd have to switch sizes ... On my '06 GT the orig equip Z6 rear had 9K when I replaced it but it had plenty of life left. I only replaced it because the front had 12K and did need replacing grin.gif

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