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Tire Plugging Practice


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I need practice. A local shop is willing to give me an old tire and mount it for me to do some practice.

I need a wheel to mount it on. 3.5x17 front or 5.5x17 rear.

I was thinking of having a tire plug day. Bring your plug kit and we can put holes in the tire and plug them to get practice with our own equipment.

I am in the Quakertown PA area we can use my garage. PM me if you have a wheel to volunteer or if you would like to join in. If there is enough interest and a wheel I will get things rolling.

This is the kit I am ordering we can hopefully try several different ones.


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Jeez, that is an expensive kit for something that may not be permanent, although they say it is. I paid $7 for mine from Walmart and used it in Sept. at the Un-Rally for the first time ever (he didn't know he was my guinea pig smile.gif). It was real simple--I just followed the instructions that came with it and it worked. At least it held for him to ride about 60 miles to a dealer for a new tire. IMHO, if I sustain a puncture and it doesn't look too bad, I would plug it to get where I'm going and then try patching it from the inside. I just wouldn't trust a plug long-term. eek.gif

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Dave McReynolds

An old tire and mount could fool you in one respect. I found that after I plugged the tire as much according to directions as I could, then pumped up the tire, the plug pulled back through the tire. I did that twice, before it occurred to me that I shouldn't cut the plug flush with the tire. It needs a little bit of protrusion to allow for the amount that pulls back into the tire as the tire is inflated.

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Sounds like a good day John, wish I could make it up for that, to help avoid it looking the last time we plugged your tire...

Hey, what's in that green bottle down to your left? lmao.gif



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