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Elk Family Encounter


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I was ridng in NM last week and spotted 3 elk on the road up ahead. Cow and 2 yearlings, almost her size. The first jumped the fence along the road, but the other two stopped and looked me over. I too stopped. Plenty of room, no emergency. The cow and other yearling then started trotting along the road side of the fence while the 3rd did so on the outside. I paced along enjoying the experience. Unfortunately, I didn't consider that my enjoyment was their mounting anxiety. After I was at their side for a while the cow panicked and tried to jump the fence without a running start. She didn't make it, hit into it chest high, and flipped over it onto her back. I quickly turned around and went back to see if she was alright, not that I could have done anything if she were not. She was back on her feet, and glaring at me. I felt so bad that I had not thought through my impact on them.

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That is kind of sad, but she'll be okay.


I can sympathize with the cow...


That happens to me a lot when I ride through some of the western states, except it is women that pace me, and I have figure out a way to get away...


I feel here stress and pain... lmao.gif

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Ah, ya ole meanie, that's sad. bncry.gif


Donchaworry......maybe it'll stick in her mind and she'll stay clear of two wheeled scary things in the future....a good thing for her..........and us all. thumbsup.gif

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