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Changing right side valve cover.

Gordon K Phillips

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Gordon K Phillips

I need to replace the Rt. valve cover ( bike went over backwards ) I presume the wire cover just pops out, then remove the cover and when replacing the cover is there a torque setting for the valve cover bolts? ( not the head bolts, don't need to touch them. confused.gif

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While there is a torque setting - this is the case where an educated hand is much better than a torque wrench. The torque value is SMALL..


These are step-bolts - designed to bottom out on the step when tight. They only need to be snug - the rubber donut under the bolt is what provides the force sealing the valve cover against the gasket against the head.


Tighten gently until it stops turning. Then stop. No tighter.


You can read - with a bit of searching - how people have had to helicoil the heads after letting their common sense be overcome by the false confidence a torque wrench can give.

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How did the replacement go? I also need to replace and want to do it myself.




Me too (three?:) How much cost?



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